asks for your stories…your past… your present… what remains to be unfolded… unravel your heart and unleash your feelings… perform in the theatre of your desires… dare to create your story…we invite you to cross beyond the boundaries of your deepest thoughts and explore the untouched passages of your soul… 

gently trace the outline of your words and savor your thoughts… capture your spirit thru your eyes… in that very moment unlock the mystery of your passion and prepare to confess a lifetime of hidden moments… let your thoughts free… as you realize the truth in yourself… come… share your breath of life…




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22 04 2007

hey u,

how are things… just returned from an amazing day at the theatre… i have no doubt my life’s calling (next to writing) is making movies… i feel my soul reaching new heights as i melt into the screen and become part of the movie… watching films is like such a natural and mesmerizing high to my spirit… if i had to do it all over again, i would definitely pursue film school at any cost… being in la feels so right… i need to move back here permanently into my own space… sitting in the apt in a space untouched by anyone at this very moment is making me imagine what it would feel like to live in my own place… the freedom to roam around and feel my own energy penetrate thru every organism provokes me… wow, i long to be on my own again… i feel so liberated and at ease being here with myself right now… i miss this… but i believe, all in good time… when and as it is meant to be… i must leave it in the hands of the higher power for now… love the sense of peace i am feeling right at this very moment…

just thought to share… sending u positivity and a smile…

22 04 2007

i want to cleanse my soul
and offer myself purity…

22 04 2007

my mind is driven towards intent with an irresistible momentum… when i get to that peaceful divine place within… all will be revealed… i await this awakening with compelling passion…

24 04 2007

i dream of leaving the familiar for a while and allowing my spirit to welcome a new world… i want to inhale your sweet fragrance of thought and greet myself and the universe in a thousand different forms…

25 04 2007

just as every river flows into the ocean…every thought is gracefully accepted with understanding, support, and opportunity…just as the electric energy surges between your walls…an outlet is needed in order to receive life.

the mind is constantly being conditioned every moment through taste, touch, sound, feel, and sight…desires are merely stimulants of your conditioning. between stillness and silence, conditioning can be observed…forgiven and reversed.

27 04 2007

ignite yr passion and savor every last drop… go beyond the surface of your dreams and dare to challenge your desires… let your thoughts provoke and captivate moments throughout your day…

28 04 2007

place your soul into mine
and breathe the
spirit of a new day
it’s passing will be so intense
that you will arise

beautiful moment…

3 05 2007

once you realize that the world is your own projection, you will be free of it, a guru told his followers. everything existing around you is painted on the screen of your consciousness. the picture you see may be ugly or beautiful, but in either case you are not bound by it. rest assured, there is no one who has forced it on you. you are trapped only because of your habit of mistaking the imaginary for the real.
-deepak chopra

4 05 2007

I am able to let go of all the fears that force me mute from expressing my thoughts, actions, and physical movements…free of judgment and free from entrance into the waves that flow through as thoughts in my mind. Currents of love, faith, and positivity surge through as volts invoking life into all possibilities becoming actualities.

8 05 2007

i see in the voice
of your eyes
the words that you speak
infiltrate the core of my being…

17 05 2007

love with the breath of life
that tastes
your lips every night…

release yourself
to yr deepest quest

in a silent conversation
with yr goddess
whisper dreams
into yr soul

allow faith
to heal yr deepest wounds

and amidst the insane struggle
in that very moment
of realization
when all else fails


18 05 2007

sometimes all you can really do is patiently sit still observing the outer world through thoughts and vision … allowing the universe to bring you what you need at the right time, for the right reason…

19 05 2007

my spirit understands true beauty in those moments lived thru u… its vision even eyes cannot see… for it is a ray that emanates from within u and its depths beyond reach… real beauty remains in yr soulful presence…

20 05 2007

until u have found the fire
inside yourself
you won’t reach
your truth…

25 05 2007

I just had to tell you that I really really really enjoy your webpage.
Stuff like that really puts confidence in me that people out there are
not all just about the material, there still exist people that are grounded
by spirituality, creativeness, family, happiness, and joy of life. I stop
by your page on occasion and it just puts a smile on my face. Please keep
up the good work, that means a lot to strangers that feels the same way.



6 06 2007

my intention is for the energy field of footprints to be solely used for the manifestation of dreams and desires of every individual that touches and reflects their inner thoughts here…i intend for these thoughts to be served for the highest good of all concerned…and that they are manifested in a way that give, receive, and do no harm to any divine being or the universe….thank you…

14 06 2007

Traveling Souls

It is very rare that I come across a person like yourself.

I can tell you are very intellegent and centered in your way of
very balanced, which is what everyone should have in their life. To
the material stuff is hung before our faces like a carrot on a stick.
often do people forget about what makes them who they are, if only they
stopped for a minute and looked inward to the soul.

Your soul is very beautiful, knowledgable, and old. Your words can
make a
poor man rich, and each one is as important as the one before it. You
the just enough to explain your vision, but not anymore than is needed,
efficient, very resourceful, very true.



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